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Frequently asked questions

How many songs will the band learn especially for me?

We are happy to learn your first dance or special request. Other songs depend on the time frame given and what the songs are. We are always keen to learn new things so do always let us know and we will try to accommodate as best we can for you

Will we need to feed you?

It depends on timings, but generally some hot food would be hugely appreciated. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Normally a catering company will provide a 'crew meal' as part of their package or we are happy to have evening food that is available already.

How far will you travel?

We regularly perform all over the country, so distance really is no object but we will require an additional fee for travel and may need bed and breakfast arranged for us.

What happens if one of the band is ill on the day of my event?

We have a network of fellow musicians that we can call on to stand in on the rare occasion one of the band is ill. On top of that, we're also represented by The Uks biggest entertainment agency. They have access to dozens of wedding bands in your area even at the very last minute. However, we've never missed a gig yet.

Can my cousin Dave join you for a song?

Sound like fun! Lets do it! As long as we know in advance and he's not under the influence on the night.

Are you insured?

Yes. Our manager will send your venue any certification that's required.

What do you wear?

We tend to be 'smart casual' as in our pictures and video. However we can be smarter or more casual depending on your event and requirements.

How loud will you be?

Volume is at your discretion. Bear in mind that to get a good atmosphere, a reasonable level of volume is required but we don't like too loud any more than you do.

Do you provide all your own equipment?

Yes, all we need is a clear area in which to set up and a power supply.

How much do you charge?

You can get an instant quote by clicking the button at the top right hand side of our home page. The fee will appear as if by magic right in front of you. You'll also get a follow up email to confirm the price. If we're available and you're happy with the price, get back in touch with our team at Hireaband to secure the date. It's very much first come first served, so if we're available, don't hesitate.

How long do you perform for?

As standard we provide 2 x 1hr or 3 x 40 Minute Sets as required on the night up until Midnight. We can play past midnight but it can incur an additional fee. We are flexible though and will always try to accommodate to your requirements.

How long do you take to set up?

We need an hour (minimum) to set up, check everything is working and get changed into our stage suits.

Will you be able to do my first dance?

Given enough notice, yes. It takes a while for us to rehearse a song to the high standards that we set ourselves. If you can give us at least 8 weeks notice, that should be fine. The song also has to be suitable for a band. If we cant do it justice then we can put it on an iPod and then go seamlessly into our set at the end of it.

Can you work with sound limiters?

Yes. We dont 'like' them but we absolutely can work with them.